6 Cozy Pubs for a Cold Winter Night

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Earn that Sip with a Stroll

As wreaths and glowing lights adorn local shop windows, and the chill of winter hangs in the air, there is something magical about bundling up to go for a stroll to at last settle down in a proper cosy pub.

When it comes to weekends during the holidays, there’s nothing more perfect than to blow away the cobwebs of the work week with a crisp walk accompanied by a pint and some hearty pub grub.

So whether it be mulled, pulled, or poured, you’ll find a glass of seasonal cheer on these Sidewalks that feature our favorite pubs across the US.

Fraunces Tavern_2-min.jpg

Pub: Fraunces Tavern

City: New York

Sidewalk: The Birth of a Country, Capitalism and Rebellion: A Journey Through Historic Wall Street

Why we love it: This is the perfect conclusion to a walk through historic Wall Street. Fraunces Tavern transports you back to the 18th century with is Revolutionary War-era heritage and furnishings. Long tables with pew style benches sit in the dining room while leather sofas surround a fireplace in the whiskey room.

The beer and whiskey program are dialed. Order the Chicken Pot Pie or the Fish and Chips, find a seat in one of the bar rooms with your bevvy and get happy.

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Pub: Beelman’s Pub

City: Los Angeles

Sidewalk: Hidden Bars, Rotating Taps and Artisanal Cocktails: A Selective Pub Crawl of Downtown LA

Why we love it: With British memorabilia saturating the walls, European flags hanging from the rafters, footy on the tube, seasoned dark-wood paneling, and Guiness on draft, you’ll feel like you’re in London. The menu is all plant-based, but whether you’re vegetarian or not, Beelman’s delivers on delicious and satisfying. For a snack, go for the Wonton Mee Bites or Tachos. For something a little heartier, try the Impossible Burger - it will blow you away.

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Pub: Magnolia

City: San Francisco

Sidewalk: Love & Haight Ashbury: A History of Rock & Roll, Psychedelics and the Summer of '67

Why we love it: Magnolia is one of the premier microbreweries in San Francisco. The vibe is always bustling, the space is industrial-Wild West, and the kitchen is creatively legit. Magnolia’s tap constantly rotates - if you’re looking for something easy to drink, the Kalifornia Kolsch is a fan fave. Also worth mentioning is the Rosebud. This beer is only offered once a year and was conceptualized for the brewmaster’s wedding. It has notes of rosebuds, lavender, and Cabernet Franc grapes, all of which are added during the fermentation process. Magnolia also serves up some of the best sausages in town. My favorite? The currywurst. And no matter what, order the Bombay Bar Nuts to accompany your pint.

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Easy Tiger_2-min.jpg

Pub: Easy Tiger

City: Austin

Sidewalk: Beats, BBQ, and Beer - A Taste of Red River Culture District

Why we love it: If the scent of fresh baked bread, comfort of  an intimate booth, and the taste of the best beers in town doesn’t make you feel cozy, nothing will. Sometimes it’s hard to make a beer decision at Easy Tiger since their list is so extensive, so I always go with a taster to start. If something darker is on your mind, the “shot board” lets you select samples from a menu of whiskeys ranging from $3 to $12. If your beverage needs a friend, go for the Italian Beef Sandwich. Fresh ciabatta, thin cut tender beef, melted provolone and aioli that plays nicely with the spicy pickled peppers. This sando nails the combination of crunchy, spicy, smoky, and sweet.

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Pub: Mr. Smith’s of Georgetown

City: Washington DC

Sidewalk: Capitol Vistas, Watergate & a Bar Room Singalong: The Perfect Date Night in DC

Why we love it: Nothing warms the cockles like caroling . . . or better yet: singing along with The Piano Man. Mr. Smith’s looks like a old-school American tavern, but when the sun goes down, the piano tunes up. Grab a beer and find your seat near the baby grand. Check out the bright yellow song menus and put in your request. If you have a “shower only” policy when in comes to your singing voice, then just sit back and enjoy the action.

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Capitol Cider-min.jpg

Pub: Capitol Cider

City: Seattle

Sidewalk: Korean Tacos, Craft Cider, High Fashion and Rock & Roll: Stroll of Hipster Capitol Hill

Why we love it: This Old World English pub hides in a 100-year old building. Above the dark wooden booths hang early-American portraits and seafaring paintings. To add to the Hygge wonderland that is Capitol Cider, head downstairs to the fireplace and a library of board games.

Most of us aren’t well versed when it comes to cider, so when you see 120 bottled varieties and 30 on tap, you might feel overwhelmed. Just give the flight a go and sample three different ciders to see which one suits you best. If cider isn’t your thing, never fear, Capitol Cider rotates 10 beers on tap.

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