Five Ways to Celebrate the Fourth of July

Sidewalk Celebrates the 4th of July

Revolutionaries, Pioneers, Movie Stars & the American Dream

The American, by nature, is optimistic. He is experimental, an inventor and a builder who builds best when called upon to build greatly.

 - John F. Kennedy

In honor of the Fourth of July, we want to celebrate two seismic events: 1) our nation’s 241st birthday, 2) the launch of Washington DC as a new Sidewalk city - obviously, a moment of equal magnitude!

I don’t normally have a burger, a brat, a steak, and chicken wings, in one sitting, but on the 4th of July, I make a lot of exceptions. It’s essential to sample one of everything that comes off the grill to have the stamina to watch parades, rock out to “Born in the USA” on repeat, and set off fireworks (in a responsible way, of course). But, there are other ways of celebrating our country’s birthday.

Try exploring stories of patriotism on two feet, it’s what our founding fathers would have wanted 😉 . Below are five Sidewalks we’ve handpicked that tell the story of the country:

DC Sidewalk.jpg

Washington DC

Heroes of the Past: Tributes from the Washington Monument to the Lincoln Memorial

Why? On this walking tour, you'll visit the monuments honoring the Founding Fathers (George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and the signers of the Declaration of Independence) and transformative leaders of America’s past (Abraham Lincoln, Martin Luther King, Jr., Franklin Delano Roosevelt).

New York_Sidewalk

New York City

The Birth of a Country, Capitalism and Rebellion: A Journey Through Historic Wall Street

Why? The country’s first capital, New York today serves as our nation’s financial bedrock. Discover significant historic sites including the headquarters of the Sons of Liberty, the location of George Washington’s inauguration, and Alexander Hamilton’s grave.



Pioneer Square: Lumberjacks, Gold Diggers, Gamblers, Hipsters and the Story of Seattle

Why? Explore the transformation of a pioneer town from a backwater lumber village to a Gold Rush hub to a tech metropolis. Along the way, examine the rise, complete destruction and rebirth of Seattle - a narrative that epitomizes the American spirit.

San Francisco_Sidewalk

San Francisco

Mansions of Nob Hill: The Robber Barons and the Stories Behind the Money

Why? The Wild, Wild West was tamed and reshaped by the railroad industry. The captains of the train industry enabled the Manifest Destiny, population growth, new commerce and access to natural resources, and were paid handsomely for it. Come see the neighborhood where these industrialists flaunted their wealth.

Los Angeles_Sidewalk

Los Angeles

A Walk of Hollywood Boulevard: Architecture, History & the Stories Behind the Scenes

Why? Entertainment is arguably one of our country’s biggest exports, Hollywood helped cement America’s status in the new world order. Check out Hollywood’s brightest stars and most famous sites, from Marilyn Monroe’s swimming pool to the most recognized movie theater in the world.

Don’t see one of the quintessential stories of America? I invite you to tell it. Create your own Sidewalk. If you want to exchange some ideas or get some help creating your Sidewalks, just drop me a line at I want to help make your Sidewalk amazing!

Corey Wood, Product Lead - Growth & Lifecycle

Corey Wood, Product Lead - Growth & Lifecycle

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