What Your Dad Actually Wants For Father’s Day

What Your Dad Actually Wants For Father's Day_Sidewalk Blog

Spend time with those you love. One of these days you will say either, “I wish I had,” or “I’m glad I did.”

- Zig Ziglar, motivational speaker

News alert: Father’s Day is next Sunday - June 18! It’s 24 hours dedicated to the man who put his life on the line to teach you how to drive, who tucked you in and recited your favorite book (he had every word memorized), and triaged countless scraped knees, splinters, and bloody elbows.

All these fatherly duties have one thing in common, they all took time.

According to a survey from the National Retail Federation, Americans will spend a record amount on Father’s Day gifts this year. However, in a recent survey of over 1,000 fathers, an overwhelming majority said they would prefer quality time with their kids to gifts. That’s not to say that a new golf club will go unswung this Father’s Day, but it does suggest that this annual celebration could be the perfect opportunity to see somewhere new, eat something different, and explore some offbeat neighborhood. Just do it together.

This Father’s Day, say no to gift-wrapped socks and expand your horizons alongside Pops. Drink craft beer down the street from where Janis Joplin and Jimi Hendrix used to live. Sample different levels of spicy sauce in Korean tacos. Hang out at the iconic Tropicana pool where Marilyn Monroe used to sunbathe. Chomp into the best cannoli in NYC.

To honor the man who changed your soggy diaper and rode you around on the back of his bike, we’ve curated four Sidewalks that will appeal to dads of every sort. These little moments shared together will mean a lot.

New York: Block Walk Little Italy: Cannoli, Mozzarella & the Mafia

Why: A few Italian pastries, a little pizza and gangsters. Everyone likes to stories about crime. Sneak Peak >

Los Angeles: A Walking Tour of Hollywood Boulevard: Architecture, History & the Stories Behind the Scenes

Why: watch your Dad’s eyes light up while he searches for handprints of Hollywood crushes. Sneak Peak >

San Francisco: Love & Haight Ashbury: A History of Rock & Roll, Psychedelics and the Summer of ‘67

Why: enjoy a microbrew and then head out to hear Dad’s account of the Summer of Love. Sneak Peak >

Seattle: Korean Tacos, Craft Cider, High Fashion and Rock & Roll: A Walking Guide of Hipster Capitol Hill

Why: after getting lost in one of the world’s best bookstores, you can watch your Dad make sense of Korean-Mexican fusion. Sneak Peak >

Author: Corey Wood, Product Lead - Growth & Lifecycle

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