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Taking the Work Out of the Date

Fellas, you have student loans, rent payments, monthly bills, and somehow you just popped off a $195 bar tab last weekend with the boys. I get it.

You’re already enduring the fact that San Francisco has the priciest rent in the United States, so it may not surprise you that this is also the most expensive city to go on a friggin’ date. The average night on the town in San Francisco is going to run you about $147, (35% more than the US median). Brutal! But, it doesn’t have to be this way.

Do women like to be pampered? Yep. Does picking up the tab show you are confident and have your life together? Yep. But, most importantly, do they like knowing that you put in the time to do something creative for them? Big YEP! That’s where this walking date will make you shine. She will be super impressed with your spontaneity and thoughtfulness and it will show her that you went the extra mile.

So, whether it’s the girl you keep flirting with on Bumble or your better half, this walk from Pacific Heights through the Marina will put a smile on her face and keep a few extra dollars in your pocket. So, stop Yelping and Googling, just follow along, she’ll love this.

On this stroll, you’ll wind your way from the manicured gardens of the Presidio, up the iconic Lyon Steps, & then down charming Chestnut St. for a delicious treat & a craft cocktail.

Maybe you will fall a little more in love with each other. Maybe you will just fall a little more in love with San Francisco. Either way, you will have an afternoon together that you won’t forget.

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Corey Wood, Product Lead - Growth & Lifecycle

Corey Wood, Product Lead - Growth & Lifecycle

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