Why Walks Make the Best Dates

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Your Next Date. Planned!

Whether it’s your first date or your five hundredth, swap the dinner-and-a-movie for something that will woo your SO with your creativity and thoughtfulness. Here are 3 science-backed reasons (and 3 date ideas) why your next date in San Francisco should be a walk.

1. Learning Together is Intensely Romantic

People connect with each other best through shared experiences. Learning something new together will help you bond on a deeper level. Common experiences have even more impact; a study published in Psychological Science found that shared experiences, even with complete strangers, are more memorable than experiences consumed alone.

Sidewalk Tastes give you the chance to enjoy the most delicious food from each neighborhood’s culinary icons at your pace and schedule. The app guides you from point-to-point, providing tasting insights and local culture to accompany your bites.

You will have an opportunity to learn and taste something new together. Cultured is sexy!

2. Get the Heart Racing

Walking or any other type of exercise naturally releases endorphins in our brains giving us a natural high. So some physical activity will leave you with positive vibes. Even if the date was just okay, you're more likely to think positively about it afterwards because of your endorphin rush. Besides, studies show that couples who are active together have more sex.

Sidewalk Tastes give you the perfect balance of activity and flavor. When choosing a Sidewalk Taste, you’ll know how long and how far it is, so you’ll be able comfortably prepare for your time together.

3. You’ll Have Something to Talk About

When you’re walking and exploring, you won’t feel like you have to work to keep the conversation flowing. Exploring a neighborhood together is a natural conversation starter, so take in the beauty and flavors of the neighborhood around you and share it together. Also, it has also been proven that walking can improve our creativity and help deliver inspiration for new ideas. So your Sidewalk Taste will keep your feet moving and the conversation rolling.

The best part about Sidewalk Tastes? Just show your server the Sidewalk app to receive your bites - no need to reach for your wallet. Sidewalk Tastes are app-guided and all-inclusive. So you’ll spend more time chatting and exploring and less time waiting for a check.

After all, walking through the city is a lot like being in a relationship. There are twists and turns, quiet stretches and boisterous surprises around every corner, and sometimes the further you go, the more beauty you will see.

Here are three ideas for your next walking date:

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The Taste of the Marina: French Pastry, Fresh Mexican & Culinary Innovations

On this Sidewalk Taste you'll explore the Marina’s flavors, history, Art Deco architecture, and residents. Along the way, you'll enjoy a progressive 4-course experience - while the Sidewalk app delivers the stories behind the entrepreneurial chefs and local insights about the neighborhood’s iconic institutions.

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Media Noche_Blog Post Mission Sidewalk Taste.jpg

The Taste of the Mission: Cuban Empanadas, Creole Bites & Specialty Scoops

The Mission District is a fusion of historic Latino heritage and continuous innovative transformation. The neighborhood, like its restaurants, is trendy, vibrant, and diverse. Explore this collection of Mission icons and trailblazers, and the stories behind the chefs and bites. Throughout the prix fixe progressive meal, enjoy detours to some of the Mission’s most important murals and boutiques.

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Tonys_North Beach Sidewalk Taste_300x300.jpg

The Taste of North Beach: Fresh Cannoli, World-Class Pizza & Chic Dim Sum

Beyond the Little Italy charm of North Beach are relics of Barbary Coast revelry, bohemian Beatniks and Chinatown dim sum. Savor the stories and tastes of a classic Italian pastry, award-winning pizza, a Shanghainese delicacy and a dessert that is to-die-for. Sprinkled along the way are detours to iconic shops and sites that make North Beach che figata!

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Corey Wood, Product Lead - Growth & Lifecycle

Corey Wood, Product Lead

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