Why Walks Make the Best Dates

Why Walks Make the Best Dates_Sidewalk Blog

Your Next Date. Planned!

Whether it’s your first date or your five hundredth, spending quality time together with your main squeeze doesn’t mean you need to spend a lot of cash. Swap the played-out pricey dinner-and-a-movie for something that will woo your boo with your creativity and thoughtfulness. Here are 3 science-backed reasons (and 5 walking date ideas) why you should go on a Sidewalk date.

1. Learning Together is Intensely Romantic

People connect with each other best through shared experiences. Learning something new together will help you bond on a deeper level. Common experiences have even more impact; a study published in Psychological Science found that shared experiences, even with complete strangers, are rated to feel more intense than experiences consumed alone.

Sidewalks give you the chance to learn new things about the world around you, whether it’s about the significance of an iconic cocktail, how to appreciate a modern art sculpture, or how to take the perfect Instagram photo. You will have an opportunity to learn something new together. Cultured is sexy!

2. Get the Heart Racing

Walking or any other type of exercise naturally releases endorphins in our brains giving us a natural high. So a date with some physical activity will leave you with positive vibes. Even if the date was just okay, you're more likely to think positively about it afterwards because of your endorphin rush. Besides, studies show that couples who are active together have more sex.

Sidewalks give you the perfect balance of activity: enough to raise your heart rates without preventing conversation. Sidewalks let you know in advance how far they are, how long they will last, and what to wear or bring with you; you’ll know exactly how to prepare for your time together.

3. You’ll Have Something to Talk About

When you’re walking and exploring, you won’t feel like you have to work to keep up the conversation. Exploring a city gives you a natural conversation starter, so take in the beauty of the world around you and share it together. Also, it has also been proven that walking can improve our creativity and help deliver us with inspiration for new ideas. So your Sidewalk date will keep your feet moving and the conversation rolling.

After all, walking through the city is a lot like being in a relationship. There are twists and turns, quiet stretches and boisterous surprises around every corner, and sometimes the further you go together, the more beauty you will see.

Here are 5 ideas for perfect walking dates:

  • San Francisco

The Marina Date Walk: Taking the Work Out of the Date

Why? The two of you will wind your way from the manicured gardens of the Presidio, up the iconic Lyon Steps, and then down charming Chestnut St. for a delicious treat and a craft cocktail. It’s everything you need for a fun afternoon with a special someone.

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  • Seattle

Artwalk: The Olympic Sculpture Park and the Stories Behind the Works

Why? This walk will lead you from work to work and provide a narrative of the beauty, significance and stories of select pieces. By the end, you guys will be well-entertained and armed with a new appreciation for monumental art.

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  • Los Angeles

Art Deco, Foodie Culture, Flying Books & Movie Sets: The Evolution of Downtown LA

Why? As you stroll through the historic core of downtown Los Angeles, you will explore architecture, street art, murals, design, culture, cuisine, and even a little-known vista of the city skyline. You’ve got the full gamut of topics to experience together.

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  • New York

Recycled Railways, Frank Gehry & the Atomic Bomb: The High Line Park

Why? A stroll together through this $152M masterpiece of city planning and industrial renewal makes for the perfect escape from the urban jungle. You’ll pass street art, quirky architecture, and a few hidden gems nestled along some of the best views in the city.

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  • Washington DC

The Instagram-Worthy, Tastebud-Approved Walk of Georgetown

Why? Georgetown is arguably one of the most charming neighborhoods in the country. You’ll have a chance to grab some ornate treats while strolling the banks of the romantic C&O canal.

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Corey Wood, Product Lead - Growth & Lifecycle

Corey Wood, Product Lead - Growth & Lifecycle

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