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5 Practical Tips to Improve Your Images As a Casual Photographer

Author: Ayash Basu, Founder & CEO of Loculars

A good photo is one that connects with its viewers and communicates a story. There is no checklist to tick off, no defined criterion to satisfy to capture a great picture. However, there are some guidelines that can help improve your images, and over a period of time, develop your photographic eye.

Here are 5 tips to become a better travel photographer.

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21st Century Travel: Outdated, Impersonal and Inconvenient

Dave Hotchkiss, Co-Founder & CTO

We built Sidewalk as a result of our own frustrating travel experiences and difficulties finding local secrets. We wished we were better equipped to understand the culture, local insights, and stories of our destinations, whether they be in our own city or beyond. Maybe you have felt the same way. Some of these frustrations may sound familiar.

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