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The Reimagined, 21st Century Food Tour

Introducing Sidewalk Tastes

Author: Jason Donahue, Co-Founder & CEO

I’m excited to tell you about something we’ve been quietly building and refining for a while. We have envisioned it since Day 1, but it has taken a while to assemble the foundational elements. At long last, we would like to pull back the curtain and announce Sidewalk Tastes.

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3 Reasons to Take the Sidewalk

The Best Way to Explore? Walk!  

Author: Corey Wood, Product Lead - Growth & Lifecycle

Don’t take Uber. Don’t take Lyft. Go on foot and take the sidewalk.

Life can feel like a race sometimes. Sprint to beat the traffic. Dash to get to the restaurant. The chase is part of city living, but it doesn’t have to be. Next time you’re rushing in your hometown or traveling in a new city, take the slow approach to exploring. I’m a huge fan of relying on your two feet and ten toes to really see a place. Here are three reasons why walking is the way to go.

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