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6 Reasons to Explore with Your Kids

Author: Corey Wood, Product Lead - Growth & Lifecycle

Do you ever scratch your head when thinking about what to get your kids for an upcoming birthday? Well, maybe a new Hatchimal isn’t your best bet. A recent survey revealed that 43% of kids prefer vacations to gifts. In addition, similar to adults, 46% of kids said that the best part about holidays was seeing new places and trying new things.  

Whether or not your family has a holiday on the horizon, here are 6 reasons to get out and explore with your kids in any neighborhood.

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21st Century Travel: Outdated, Impersonal and Inconvenient

Dave Hotchkiss, Co-Founder & CTO

We built Sidewalk as a result of our own frustrating travel experiences and difficulties finding local secrets. We wished we were better equipped to understand the culture, local insights, and stories of our destinations, whether they be in our own city or beyond. Maybe you have felt the same way. Some of these frustrations may sound familiar.

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10 Ways to See and Experience More When Traveling

Jason Donahue, Co-Founder & CEO

There is something magical when we visit a new place, whether it is a new country or just a new part of the neighborhood.  Novel places provide an opportunity to get out of our comfort zone, to develop empathy and mental resilience, to push on our interpretations of the world, and perhaps even to come back home with a good story or two.  But these experiences do not just happen to us; we have to pursue them.

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