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The Art of the Pub Crawl, How to Feast on Live Crawfish & the Mission to Keep Austin Weird

Word on the Street with Chris Herndon of The Guild

Author: Jason Donahue, Co-Founder & CEO

Meet Chris Herndon, the co-founder of The Guild, a boutique short-term rental and hotel rolled into one. He divulges on his favorite speakeasy, belting Bon Jovi in the Big Easy and spending the afternoon hanging with Bill Clinton.

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Unexpected Sumo Matches, Judging Vacations & the Art of Meandering

Word on the Street: 8 Questions with Katie from The Budget Backpack

Author: Jason Donahue, Co-Founder & CEO

Meet Katie, the Guide behind “Boston to Cambridge: Parks, Brownstones and a Killer Skyline.” She opens up on why to cross bridges, the joys of solo travel, and best way to explore Boston.


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Why We Travel

Maybe It's In The Genes

Author: Corey Wood, Product Lead - Growth & Lifecycle

What gives some of us the urge to visit a place searching for a necessary level of discomfort, while others seek out the shores of the familiar? What if our lust to wander isn’t just an itch we have a subconscious urge to scratch? What if we are genetically predisposed to desire to see new things? What if our genes are the triggers of curiosities that only new experiences can satisfy. Is there a scientific explanation why some of us are self-diagnosed with the travel bug, while others are happiest in places they are already accustomed?

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6 Fortune Cookie Secrets They Don’t Want You to Know

What's That? | Fortune Cookies

Author: Jason Donahue, Co-Founder & CEO

Fortune cookies: the folded and bent crispy cookie with insightful prophecies, served at the end of the meal at Chinese restaurants. It is a dessert of Chinese mysticism and intrigue. Except it isn’t. A thrilling discovery is in your immediate future [. . . in bed.]

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21st Century Travel: Outdated, Impersonal and Inconvenient

Dave Hotchkiss, Co-Founder & CTO

We built Sidewalk as a result of our own frustrating travel experiences and difficulties finding local secrets. We wished we were better equipped to understand the culture, local insights, and stories of our destinations, whether they be in our own city or beyond. Maybe you have felt the same way. Some of these frustrations may sound familiar.

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The “Watcher,” Vegas Psychology Tricks, and Horse Sashimi

Word on the Street: 8 Questions with Kristen

Some amazing Sidewalks are being created on the platform! To help showcase these Guides (aka Sidewalk creators) and their Sidewalks, we’re launching a new blog series called, “Word on the Street.” In each edition, we’ll interview a Guide and ask about their Sidewalk and their craziest travel stories.

Meet Kristen, the Guide behind, The ABC’s of Alphabet City. She dishes on her indy, edgy, colorfully bohemian Manhattan neighborhood, the craziest thing she's ever eaten, and the city she is almost embarrassed to love.  

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Sidewalk is Here: Come Walk with Us!

Jason Donahue, Co-Founder & CEO and Dave Hotchkiss, Co-Founder & CTO

We’re excited to introduce Sidewalk: an app that provides free, guided walk experiences created by anyone about the places they know and love. Starting today, you can download the app (for iOS and Android) and embark on any of the 60 walks that are already live, or create your own and earn a few bucks through Sidewalk’s gratuity-based system, as recognition for crafting a story-worthy experience.

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City Discovery & the Sharing Economy

Jason Donahue, Co-Founder & CEO

Travel is about places we see, things we taste, sentiments we grasp. 

After all, that’s why people go to new places; the stories people bring back home rarely have to do with how they journeyed or where they stayed. The next frontier of the Sharing Economy is access to prized advice for what to do on-location. And that is what we are setting out to do.

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