General Questions

  • What is Sidewalk?
    • Sidewalk is an app that provides free, guided walk experiences, created by anyone with stories, insight and personal knowledge to share about the places they know and love.
  • What does it cost to download and use the Sidewalk app?
    • The Sidewalk app is free to download. It is also free to go on Sidewalks and to create your own.
    • If you enjoy your Sidewalk, you can show your appreciation by leaving your Guide a tip. Guides pour time and passion into creating Sidewalks for you to enjoy, so gratuities are appreciated.
  • Can I use Sidewalk without using cellular data?
    • At the moment, you need to have cellular data or be connected to wifi on your mobile device in order to go on Sidewalks. This allows the app to provide the newest Sidewalks, most up-to-date information and GPS navigation.
  • What device and software is needed to use Sidewalk?
    • Android device requirements
      • Android 4.1 or above
      • Phones and tablets with cellular service
    • iOS device requirements:
      • iOS 9.0 or above
      • iPhone 5 or above
      • iPad (Wifi + Cellular only)
  • How do I create an account with Sidewalk?
    • Creating a Sidewalk account allows you to save Sidewalks to go on in the future and create Sidewalks for others. You can create an account through Facebook Connect or by using a personal email address. 
  • How does Sidewalk make money?
    • Sidewalk keeps a percentage of each tip provided to Guides. This helps with the costs of hosting Sidewalks, new feature development, support, and our editorial team.
    • Sidewalk also makes money by charging businesses for the creation, optimization, and hosting of branded Sidewalks. 

Exploring with Sidewalk

  • How do I share a Sidewalk with a friend? 
    • To share any Sidewalk, tap to open its preview screen. Find the "share" icon below. Tap and choose which platform you would like to use to share. Share on Facebook, email, text message and various other ways.
  • Do you verify content before it is published?
    • Every new Sidewalk is reviewed by the Sidewalk editorial team for appropriateness and quality. After it is approved, the Sidewalk is publicly viewable.
  • Do I need to be on-location to go on a Sidewalk?
    • The best way to experience a Sidewalk is to be on-location, exploring the sites and suggestions in-person. However, it is not required to be on-location to check out the Sidewalk. Feel free to browse from anywhere.
  • How do I tip my Guide?
    • At the end of your Sidewalk, you will have the opportunity to tip your Guide using in In-App Purchases (for iOS devices) or In-app Billing (for Android devices). If you have not yet set up your credit card information on iTunes or Google Play, you will be prompted to do so when you select a tip amount. If your device does not support a payment option or you are in a country where payment options are not available, you will not see an option to tip.
  • When will there be Sidewalks in my area?
    • We want Sidewalks to be available everywhere around the world. Help the community by creating a Sidewalk in your town or favorite place. Not finding what you want? Request your city on our Facebook Page, so that the Sidewalk Community can bring your city to life or check our Sidewalk metro page to find a Sidewalk near you.

Creating a Sidewalk

  • What kind of photography and content can I use in my Sidewalk
    • You can include any photography and content that you have permission to use. In general, we recommend creating your own photos and content. If you use someone else's works in your Sidewalk, we assume that you do so in compliance with their requirements for citations.
  • How do I create a top-rated Sidewalk?
    • Check out this post on best practices for creating a stand out Sidewalk.
  • How much money can I expect to make through my Sidewalk
    • Guides can receive tips from people who go on their Sidewalks. The total amount that a Guide can earn depends on how many Sidewalks they create, how often people go on them and how much they choose to tip.
  • How do I share a Sidewalk I created?
    • To share a Sidewalk you created, tap the pencil icon in the top left corner of your screen. Then tap on the Sidewalk you would like to share. Tap on the share icon and choose which platform you would like to use. Share on Facebook, email, text message and various other ways.
  • What happens after I create a Sidewalk?
    • After a Guide hits "publish" on their new Sidewalk, it is reviewed by the editorial team. The editorial team checks the Sidewalk for appropriateness and quality and either makes it available for public discovery or suggests updates for the Guide.

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