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And get paid for it.

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Download the app to create your Sidewalk

Tap the pencil

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Download the app on the App Store or Google Play. Then enter the creation section in the app to start or edit a Sidewalk.

Tell your story

Create Your Sidewalk

Add text and photos as you build the narrative of your Sidewalk. When you're done, slide the toggle from Paused to Published

Collect your tips

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The editorial team will review your Sidewalk when it's published. Then others can discover it, post reviews, share it, and leave tips. 

Inspire Others With Your insights & Taste 

Hints for creating a masterpiece Sidewalk.


3 steps to a standout Sidewalk

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It starts with what you love

  • Start small. Write a little about yourself and upload a profile picture.
  • Tease out the story and what others will gain, taste, and appreciate along the way.

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Plan your route

  • Select guide points that fit a theme. Build your Sidewalk on-the-go or from your home.

  • Feature beautiful images and unique recommendations.
  • The ideal length of a Sidewalk is 30 minutes to 2 hours.
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Bring your story to life

  • People want your insider suggestions and stories. Help them find the authentic, unexpected and special.

  • Share your published walk with friends to help new audiences discover your Sidewalk.

Tell your story

Whether you're a traveler, a foodie, a photographer, or you just love your neighborhood; now you can create a walking guide to the city for the Sidewalk community to explore.