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Discover Sidewalks in Los Angeles, New York, Seattle, San Francisco, Boston, Washington DC and many others. More coming soon!



Local, Bespoke & Delicious: The Shopping Scene on Abbot Kinney Boulevard, Venice

Your Guide: Evangeline

Stroll with us as we explore the best of the indie men's and women's clothing boutiques, home decor curators and culinary edibles that on the block that GQ calls, "the coolest block in America" — Abbot Kinney Boulevard.  Learn more →

Korean BBQ Hot Dogs, Soup Dumplings & Shaved Ice Cream: Sawtelle Japantown for Foodies

Your Guide: Ian

Lets try a little of everything, so bring your grazing appetite and aim to share with a friend! Whether you live a block away or an ocean away, I'll guide you to the tastiest treats and hidden gems of Sawtelle Japantown / Little Osaka. Learn more →

Espresso, Spices, Cocktails & Movie Star Stairs: A Walk Down Hipster Silver Lake

Your Guide: Evangeline

Walk through the retro-hip boutiques, bars, cafes, homes and atmosphere that make the Silver Lake neighborhood so desirable. This is the neighborhood of inventive cocktails, alt fashion labels and artisanal handmade artifacts. Learn more →

5 Kitchens 5 Courses - Santa Monica: Scallop Ceviche, Oxtail Dumplings & Mexican Flan

Your Guide: Dave

We'll start with cocktails with an Asian twist and move on to sea-to-table appetizers, artisanal gastropub for mains, Mexican for dessert and a 19th-century library for a digestif to cap the night.  Learn more →


Micro Brews, Bourbon & Burlesque: A Selective Pub Crawl of the Lower East Side

Your Guide: Alexis

We've got a finely curated collection of five establishments lined up, from craft beer to whiskey flights to inventive cocktails. And there will even be a burlesque show, why not? Learn more →

The Perfect Day for Kids of All Ages: Upper West Side Edition

Your Guide: Jason

This stroller-friendly, action-packed day is guaranteed to delight, surprise, excite and put smiles on faces. The Sidewalk includes breakfast, lunch and snack recommendations in addition to kid approved indoor/outdoor activities and questions to engage children. Learn more → 


The Birth of a Country, Capitalism and Rebellion: A Journey Through Historic Wall Street

Your Guide: Michael

Discover the neo-classical architecture, cobblestoned alleys, Revolutionary War-era stomping grounds and hallowed financial institutions that compose the Wall Street district. Learn more →

9/11 Ground Zero Memorial Walk of the World Trade Center

Your Guide: Michael

Grasp the tragic events of 9/11, commemorate the heroes, and celebrate the recovery. Visit St. Paul's Chapel, the "Reflecting Absence" 9/11 Memorial, FDNY Engine Company 10, The Oculus and other monuments. We'll examine the timeline of events and delve into the stories behind the sites. Learn more → 


Love & Haight Ashbury: A History of Rock & Roll, Psychedelics and the Summer of '67

Your Guide: Clay

Explore the places and people that inspired hippies, the anti-war movement, Flower Power, and a mistrust government. This historic walk provides a contemporary lens to examine the zeitgeist of '67 and the impact it had on youth, music, culture and San Francisco. Learn more → 

S'mores, Burritos, French Pastries and More: A Foodie Walk Through the Mission District

Your Guide: Dave

The Mission is the geographic nexus of two gastronomic cultures converging: Mexican and artisanal/farm-to-table/organic. You will discover the best treats of the Mission's hipster coffee shops, French bakeries, spicy taquerias and ice cream purveyors. Learn more → 

Secret Roof Tops & Gardens: The Best POPOS in SOMA (Privately Owned Public Open Spaces)

Your Guide: Jason

By law, new high rise offices in San Francisco need to designate a certain amount of space to be available to the public. Let's explore the best and most exclusive hidden spots and views of SOMA and Market Street that even the locals don't know about. Learn more → 

The Insider's Walk of Fisherman's Wharf: Sea Lions, Chocolate, Chowder & Pinball

Your Guide: Jason

Fisherman's Wharf is both one of the most popular parts of San Francisco for tourists and the most avoided neighborhoods for residents. But the locals are missing. This is the insider's exploration of Fisherman's Wharf. Learn more →


Open Eyed & Wide Awake: The Artisanal Coffee Crawl of Downtown Seattle

Your Guide: Whit

We're heading to the best of the best, in a city that is synonymous with coffee culture. Whether you are an espresso aficionado or novice, join us as we visit a collection of five select "Third Wave" coffee artists. Learn more → 

Flying Fish, Cheese Curds & Black Garlic: The Local's Foodie Guide to Pike Place Market

Your Guide: Whit

There is a right way and wrong way to experience Pike Place Market. This is the Pike Place stroll that I only share with people I like. On this "best of" walk we will try donuts, chocolate covered cherries, ginger beer, pork buns and more. Just don't tell anyone! Learn more → 

Korean Tacos, Craft Cider, High Fashion and Rock & Roll: Stroll of Hipster Capitol Hill

Your Guide: Amanda

Join us as we explore the institutions and hidden gems of Capitol Hill including a recycled materials boutique, ice cream parlor, Jimi Hendrix statue, a speakeasy and the most beautiful bookstore in the Pacific Northwest. Learn more →

Vice, Ghosts & Serial Killers: A Haunted Walk Through Pike Place Market

Your Guide: Damien

Ready for stories of spite, gruesome murder and mischief? The spirits of Pike Place Market haunt stores, restaurants, hallways and bars. Come explore how the evolution of the market created an ensemble of beings that still torment from beyond the grave. Learn more → 

Washington DC_Sidewalk


The Instagram-Worthy, Tastebud Approved Walk of Georgetown

Your Guide: Brie

Georgetown is one of the most charming neighborhoods in the country that practically begs to be shared on Instagram. Come on a walk of six picture-perfect spots and I'll even show you a few must-try pastry shops as well. Learn more → 

Spies_Washington DC_Sidewalk-min.jpg

Spooks, Spies & Saboteurs: Clandestine Organizations and Betrayal in Washington DC

Your Guide: Jason

Ciphers and dead drops, double agents and black ops. Join us on a walk just steps from the White House to discover a secret company operated by the CIA, the Soviet spy headquarters and the home of the nation's modern-day spy craft. Learn more → 


Assassins, Conspiracy & Theater: Lincoln's Last Days & the Plot to Overthrow the Union

Your Guide: Kevin

Journey back to 1865 and follow in the footsteps of the 16th president's final hours. We'll visit the headquarters of the Confederate assassins, the sites of the murder attempts and the house in which Lincoln died. Learn more → 

Power Lunches_Washington DC_Sidewalk-min.jpg

Power Lunches, Lobbyist Happy Hours & the Hangout Spots of Capitol Hill Politicos

Your Guide: Kevin

Washington runs on power lunches and martini negotiations. Let's take a stroll through the most patronized political stomping grounds and hear the stories behind them. You might even rub shoulders with some movers and shakers. Learn more → 



Mikes Pastry_Boston Sidewalk_Cannoli.jpg

The Cannoli Crawl: A Showdown of the North End's Best Cannoli Bakeries

Your Guide: Jason

Come on a crawl of five quintessential North End cannoli spots, from Maria's to Modern. We'll discuss the origins of this Italian pastry and how to know if there is a good one in front of you. Learn more → 

Boston to Cambridge- Parks, Brownstones and a Killer Skyline_Boston Sidewalk.jpg

Boston to Cambridge: Parks, Brownstones and a Killer Skyline

Your Guide: Katie

We’ll stroll through a park, stop for coffee (or tea) in the brownstone-heaven that is Beacon Hill, and finally cross the Charles River for a special view of the downtown Boston skyline. Learn more → 

A Walk of Harvard University- Secret Societies, Scandalous Traditions & Life on the Yard_Boston Sidewalk.jpg

A Walk of Harvard University: Secret Societies, Scandalous Traditions & Life on the Yard

Your Guide: Kevin

Come on a walk of the campus and surrounding hangout spots. Along the way we'll discuss student traditions, celebrity alums, secret societies and more. Learn more → 

The Instagram-Worthy Stroll of Back Bay & Beacon Hill_Boston.jpg

The Instagram-Worthy Stroll of Back Bay & Beacon Hill, Boston

Your Guide: Brie

This walk of photogenic Boston is filled with my favorite spots to photograph some of the most iconic vistas of the city. Come photograph Boston in a new light and snap some stunning photos.  Learn more →