Taste the Culture of the City

Sidewalk Tastes are the newest way to experience the culinary treasures of San Francisco’s iconic neighborhoods.

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The Sidewalk Taste Experience

The Sidewalk Taste experience is a seamless blend of culinary icons and neighborhood landmarks. The app guides you point-to-point at your pace and schedule, while you taste the best bites on the block. At each stop, the app provides tasting insights, chef stories, and cultural context. Best part? You never have to reach for your wallet - just show your app and receive your bites. It’s that simple!

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What Tasters Are Saying


“My sister and I went on a traditional, human-guided San Francisco food tour a few weeks before going on the Sidewalk Taste of North Beach. We liked the Sidewalk Taste experience so much more! We were amazed by the quality and quantity of food - we were stuffed at the end! Also, being able to explore on our own schedule was wonderful.”

- @foodysistas


“Sidewalk Tastes take the guessing game out of finding tasty treats in neighborhoods you want to explore.”

- @shareourplate


“Thanks to the Sidewalk Taste of the Mission, I was finally able to try out Garden Creamery. Such a fun experience that I highly recommend!”

- @ravenousfork


“Loved exploring on the Taste of the Mission! It was so nice having a set list of things to do without having to worry about where to go or what to eat next. It’s an all inclusive foodie crawl/walk!”

- @lifedelicacies


“It was the perfect amount of food and the stops in between the food were perfect. The app itself is really easy to use and there’s a bunch of information on each stop.” ⁣

- @flavorfullsf

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Feed Your Curiosity

Sidewalk Tastes guide you to a collection of the city’s best bites and cultural treasures. Why try a Sidewalk Taste?

  • Seamless: Simply show the app to receive your bites. It's the VIP treatment. No bills. No tipping. 

  • Flexible: Go at your own pace and style. Take any detours you like - you have all weekend to finish your Taste.

  • Self-Guided: The app navigates you point-to-point and pairs cultural context with insights on your food.

  • Sharable: Unlike traditional food tours, the Sidewalk Taste experience can be shared. Went big for brunch? Share your Taste with a friend!

  • Satisfaction Guaranteed: If the experience doesn't meet your expectations, we'll give you your money back. We're only happy when you're happy.

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Compare Sidewalk Tastes vs Traditional Food Tours

Sidewalk Taste Comparison Chart

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