Think Outside the Building - with Sidewalk

Sidewalk is a mobile app that helps hospitality brands engage their guests with local experiences. Sidewalks are story-driven self-guided walks that lead guests point-to-point while providing insights and recommendations, at the guest's pace and style. 

Deliver End-To-End Experiences Guests Want

We get it. You want to start providing your guests with local experiences, but figuring out where to start is intimidating. We can help you craft Sidewalks that deliver the end-to-end experiences your guests want. Fill out the contact form and we'll reach out to learn more about how we can help you.

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Your Brand & Voice. Our App to Navigate & Guide. 

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Immerse guests with branded local experiences.

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Showcase personal recommendations at each point.

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Guests will navigate the city with confidence.

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Delight guests with surprises along the way.